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The tyre trade in Switzerland is facing a major revolution! Because pneulink24 is Switzerland's first consistently digitized and intuitive tyre platform with absolutely competitive prices. Their unique one-stop strategy has been developed by a skilled team with years of experience. Find your right and approved tyres in one of five ways. Enter the period of time from when the tyre is to be mounted (two working days after ordering). Then choose from a list of certified assembly partners who have appointments free at your desired times. Book all the services you want and pay for everything directly online. No hidden or additional costs, no further communication needed! After the first order, you have access to your automatically created account at any time and - if used - the status of your stored wheels.

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The ordering and booking process follows a clear and logical sequence, culminating in a binding assembly appointment with a selected assembly partner. All costs are listed transparently and are paid with just one transaction.

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The vision of pneulink24

Tyre specialist Alfio Zweifel, Forch ZH, could no longer stand idly by how the Swiss car business loses more and more market share annually, almost without exception, to foreign tyre platforms that did not invest in the Swiss workplace and therefore in jobs and training. And this with a demonstrably poor service - which was only possible because so far there was no serious Swiss competition platform. That's about to change: With pneulink24, Zweifel and his team developed a platform that on the one hand offers customers much better service at the same price and on the other the assembly partners, the real backbone of the business, are involved in the success so that they continue to pay fair wages and educate new blood. The goal is to bring the lost customers back with better service and a more modern, user-friendly solution and maintain a high-quality assembly network.

The dwindling margins of the assembly partners

If you run a garage or tyre shop you have to consider various aspects in its operating account in order to survive economically. For the actual time spent by the workshop staff charged to the customer, he generates further revenue from margins on consumables and spare parts. These margins are essential to invest in infrastructure and provide apprenticeships. The entrepreneur pays taxes on his profits in Switzerland. Foreign tyre platforms do not care if their assembly partners are only able to charge for the actual assembly, and that they do not receive any share of the spare part - the tyre. Any assembly partner who can count, does not participate this concept or charges very high assembly costs to the client. Both strategies will not work in the long term - neither for him nor for the customers. With pneulink24 these problems are a thing of the past. Customers already know the (customary) installation tariffs when booking online, and the assembly partners receive a fair margin on each tyre they install. And this at tyre prices, which are equal to those of the foreign platforms. A win-win situation for all concerned!

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Below you will get a short insight into the timetable of pneulink24. For further information please contact us without obligation.

Our experienced team

The success of pneulink24 is closely linked to our visionary and competent team. Each member is an experienced professional in his field with an impressive track record. Together they offer a concentrated load of pragmatism, know-how and drive for quick decisions and targeted implementation - the decisive mix to make pneulink24 a success.

Recent Blog

The FIA European Truck Racing Championship starts on Goodyear tyres

May 23, 2019 - At the start of the 2019 season, Goodyear announced its commitment to truck racing for many years. The international tyre manufacturer was recently selected as the exclusive tyre partner by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) and will supply the truck racing tyres for the FIA European Truck Racing Championship until 2021, in its 5.5-tonne racing trucks with up to 1500 horsepower to hunt to 160 km / h quickly over the track. All participants will race on specially developed Goodyear truck racing tyres.The truck racing tyres are used in the dimension 315/70 R 22.5 and have a similar carcass as the series tyres from Goodyear. The carcass has been optimized to reduce the risk of overheating. At the same time, the tyres have more lateral stability. They also have a specially designed tread that provides excellent traction on both dry and wet roads. Combined with a characteristic asymmetric shoulder design and circumferential grooves, the tread compound gives all riders a versatile and consistent performance on all tracks. All truck racing tyres are equipped with RFID chips and are thus recognizable. The advantage: The FIA can monitor every tyre and make sure that all teams adhere to the rulesregarding the number and use of racing tyres. For the next three years, all trucks in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship race on Goodyear racing tyres.

Touring all season tyres «Multiseason» by Firestone

June 6, 2019 - With the second generation of the Multi season, Firestone seeks to surpass the predecessor's prediction of being an "excellent touring all-season tyre": the tread pattern and contact surface have been optimized to maximize wet drainage and balanced performance to provide stability in the dry. As a result of the development, the extensive simulation modeling led to positive results in practice: When braking on wet and dry roads, the tyre showed sign if i cant improvements. The new Multiseason has been tested by TÜV SÜD, one of the most respected, independent automotive testing institutes in Europe. He showed a 9 percent better braking performance on dry and a 14 percent better braking performance on wet roads. In addition, the tyre has the EU tyre label B for wet grip and is due to the alpine symbol (3PMSF) for his performance on snow across Europe compatible with all winter tyre requirements. Compared to its predecessor, the new Firestone Multiseason gets a C for the rolling resistance in most sizes on the EU tyre label and has a 20 percent improvement in mileage. The new Firestone Multiseason - developed and manufactured in Europe - has been available since June 2019 in 50 different sizes from 13 to 18 inches.

Michelin Challenge Design: Winner in Montreal

June 6, 2019 - Michelin announced the winners of the 19th Michelin Challenge Design. A top-class jury of automotive designers and industry experts selected the winning designs from more than 1500 submissions from 71 countries. Permitted were works by individuals and teams of designers. The winners were selected at the international Mobin 'On Sustainable Mobility Summit in Montreal, Canada. The motto of this year's edition of the design competition was "Inspiring Mobility". The task for the participants was to design vehicles that meet the mobility needs of people living in major cities such as Berlin, Mumbai, New York, São Paulo or Shanghai in 2035. As a core feature, each design concept should em body one of four emotions - joy, trust, security or peace - in the most expressive way possible. The three best-placed designs are: "Depot" by JintaeTak, Minseok Choi, Doohee Lee and Joonyong Lee from Seoul, South Korea "Renault Fold" by Robert Crick from London, United Kingdom "Volvo Intersection" by Junghyun Kim and Hanum Jeong from Seoul, South Korea

Comparis tyre shop comparison shows great lack of transparency

November 2, 2018 - The online comparison portal has compared ten of Switzerland's largest online tyre shops. The result: Insufficient prior information can result in high additional costs for assembly and return in case of incorrect orders. The total costs can thus rise to twice the tyre price. The Comparis samples also show unreliable prices for assembly costs. A set of tyres for a compact car (tested in Comparis comparison: Toyota Yaris) costs between 160 and 200 francs (40 to 50 francs per tyre) online. However, it is not enough to buy alone. For the assembly of the tyres it needs the expert Customers need to take a closer look at this service: Depending on the region and the installation provider, this can result in additional costs of up to 200 francs (for example, 50 francs per tyre at the assembly partner of In the case of the Toyota Yaris, these are additional costs in the amount of the entire tyre price To make matters worse: The information provided by the individual service partners on the tyre shop portals is often unreliable. The random sample test showed incorrect or unclear information on the partners' assembly costs at seven out of ten tyre shops (,,,,, Pneuwirbel. ch, In addition, listed assembly partner ssometimes even did not offer the tyre assembly service ( "Car owners should get to grips with the existing assembly stations near them and their prices before they make a purchase," says Comparis mobility expert Andrea Auer. "Prices are usually set by the service partners themselves and may differ from those published on the portal." A call to the service partner is well worth it. As far as costs are concerned, the bigger the tyre, the greater the price differences of the individual suppliers. "Buying tyres online should not only focus on prices," advises Auer. "More important is the quality of the tyres. Because this affects enormously the safety in road traffic.» Information about all safety-relevant features of different tyres isprovided by comprehensive tyre tests of car magazines or the TCS. The comparison service examined ten of the largest tyre shops in Switzerland by 2018.